Unbiased GPS Reviews

This site is dedicated to providing just what the title says.  Unbiased GPS reviews.  Over the years, there have been some great GPS devices introduced and some poor ones as well.  We will give our opinion of what to buy and what not to buy.

We will look at all sorts of GPS units.  Not just the typical Garmin Nuvi car GPS.  We will look at GPS applications like Waze.  We’re also going to discuss fitness GPS, marine fishfinders, aviation GPS and even GPS embedded applications in various mobile electronics devices.

My first GPS was a Garmin Streetpilot III.  That was 2002.  This GPS was the size of a brick and weighed several pounds.  Maps were loaded using a proprietary data card loaded to your home PC using a special reader and a CD.  It’s funny, but when I think about it, Garmin was an innovator in portable storage.  These little map cards were around way before SD cards.  The Streepilot III mounted to your card dashboard using an adhesive base with a wheel on it.  This was also fairly innovative.  A lot of people today are still using this type of mount and in fact, Garmin still sells it.

From there it was the Garmin Streetpilot 2730 which I upgraded to in 2006.  This was similar to a Streetpilot III but a little smaller, a little lighter, still loaded maps to the data card but if I remember correctly, you could fit more than a few counties on the card.

Well I could go on forever about the different GPS models I have owned.  Today, a car GPS has all the maps pre-loaded for an entire continent.  The display is bright and much more informative.  The size is incredibly small with the only limiting factor being the size of the display (the GPS has to be at least as wide as the display).  A car GPS weighs several ounces, not several pounds.  And the prices have come down incredible amounts.

Which brings me to discussion about what I use today.  The answer is, when I’m in the car, I typically use my Apple iPhone 6s Plus.  I have been a big user of Waze since it first came out.  This application is now owned by Google and it’s installed on millions of smartphones all over the world.

What sets Waze apart from the hundreds of other GPS apps is the integration of maps, technology and community based feedback to provide a driving experience that will save you time and possible traffic tickets.  I use this app even when I know exactly where I am headed.  The traffic and road condition feeds are invaluable in helping me to avoid a jam or speed trap up the road.  Waze is active on almost every ride I take.

If you look at a prominent GPS manufacturer like Garmin, they were a little late in understanding the impact of smartphones on their business.  Thankfully for their shareholders, they woke up to the impact and implemented their technologies in devices for fitness and outdoors use like marine applications.  Not to say people don’t buy GPS units any longer, they just don’t buy them for the car as much as they used to.  Garmin has a very robust fitness business as well as marine, motorcycle and aviation.  We’ll cover them all on this site.

Thanks for coming and check back often for additional updates.